Consequences for DWI DUI in Maryland

There are numerous and severe consequences for DWI / DUI in Maryland. Some of these consequences are even in the absence of a conviction. The same arrest for DWI / DUI has independent effects on the results of the subsequent criminal proceedings. Until his first DWI / DUI has a mandatory minimum sentence. Mandatory minimums are established by law and judges across Maryland are not allowed to deviate from those minimum legal.

In cases of DWI / DUI aggravated, legal minimums are increased. Similarly, subsequent arrests and convictions also increase the legal minimum. The first, second and third conviction for DWI / DUI charges are misdemeanors. A fourth or fifth subsequent arrest for DWI / DUI, immediately three previous convictions, is a felony charge with 4th grade sentenced to 18 months in prison.

In addition to the criminal penalties, there are the consequences of your driving privileges in Maryland. The situation with the driver’s license is independent of the criminal consequences. In fact, you may even lose your driver’s license even though the DWI / DUI are dismissed or you may later be acquitted at trial. MVD procedures are performed separately. It is important that you comply strictly with the rules and procedures MVD meaning send your requirement MVD Hearing within 10 days of his arrest.

The Maryland legislature, courts, prosecutors and law enforcement are very serious in terms of enforcement and prosecution of laws DWI / DUI. The news constantly remind us of the seriousness of offenses related fatalities DWI / DUI which reach the front pages of Maryland. This state undergoes nearly 200 related DWI / DUI deaths each year. In the United States there were nearly 12,000 deaths in 2008 related only with DWI / DUI. Notably, these figures actually improved compared to previous years thus suggesting that rough treatment of DWI / DUI is having some impact on the problem in both Maryland and the rest of the country. As such, it is expected that the penalties are even more severe in the coming years.

In short, DWI / DUI is taken very seriously in Maryland. As such, you should take it seriously too. Do not drive drunk! Not even a little bit. The consequences are just too great. If you are arrested for DWI / DUI, seek the assistance of a lawyer DWI / DUI in Maryland. If you cannot afford an attorney, pay close attention to deadlines in your case. The absence of a lawyer does not excuse him of the consequences for missing deadlines.