Claim compensation even when driving drunk

Temporary disability (being in the hospital, low or the days it takes to heal the injury even if no part of medical leave). The impossibility of correction is a factor that enhances the importance of injury. The important disfigurement corresponds to extremely serious injury, such as burns that produce large, large losses of substance and major changes in facial or body morphology.

Neither age nor sex of the injured person will be considered as parameters for measuring the intensity of disfigurement. The score awarded to disfigurement does not include the weight of the impact this has on the activities (professional and extra-professional) of the injured, whose specific injury must be assessed through the correction factor of permanent disability.

You can apply a reduction to compensation resulting from applying the scale? In all compensation, including medical expenses and hospital care and burial and funeral, compensation may be reduced by the presence of the victim in the production of the accident or the aggravation of its consequences.

When there is an accident and call the insurance company they just say that they deal with everything to download crimes scale connected with the movement driving a vehicle, a car or a motorcycle, it can lead to the commission of any offense or offenses punishable under the Penal Code. The most prominent crimes are: driving a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs, narcotics, psychotropic substances or alcoholic beverages.

In no event shall accept the services of the other insurance company or yours, or for legal procedures and health care insurers, as these always ensure their interests trying that compensation is as small as possible (because they were always with these problems) instead of looking for customer interest. The second thing to know is that the more time is low, more time to receive compensation lengthens, but also more substantial sum to receive, since it is dependent upon the time it is low or treating the injured.

In compensation liability in fact circulation, which receives the injured is an amount of money corresponding to the damage suffered, the law has decided to pay cash injury, because no one can go back in time and avoid accident, so the only thing possible is to at least try to mitigate the detriments or damages on health and the economy of the injured, allocating an amount of money that is assessed on a scale of law and that is what the specialist lawyers traffic accidents apply for the amount that corresponds in each case.

Each accident, as each person is different, to know the amount many data such as the year of the accident are processed, the age of the victim, the specific injuries, the healing time (including the time to rehab, is performed, sick leave …) medical tests and is always essential medical reports are those that directly affect the quantification makes the lawyer. When a person has a car accident that causes injury should be treated and should give the relevant medical tests to ensure healing. Even here the presumption of working days is applied, as this only comes for diseases related to employment that appear in the time and place of work and not those that although they have that kind appear on the commute to work or back to the same . It is necessary then that the injured is visited by the coroner nearest to your home court and the claim of injury shall be based on the scale corresponding traffic per year in that they are stabilized.

I’ll do one, not exhaustive, list examples of the relevant documentation will have to go collecting in the folder, I hope, as you may have prepared and ready with the information that I have mentioned. I always advise to keep a copy of everything. This report is essential to claim your compensation for accident, will you assess both impeditive days, and you have been prevented from doing their usual functions, such as the aftermath has left the accident, which will go allow to get the maximum compensation.

In this case, two things can happen: one, you can demand the restoration of amounts, adjusting the actual value, so the premium will be reduced, and the company must return what they have received unduly. Herein lies the confidence we have in our lawyer. This part is crucial, because without we cannot prove the causal link between the injury and accident. This is called profits, and is a separate chapter to be studied in each case by the professional with whom you contrails.

Professional subject to taxation by modules. Must take into account that sometimes, if the coroner has failed to stabilize his injuries, can cite you for another assessment which will issue a status report showing the date of the next visit will be collected. Having achieved the report of health, under applicable scale, which are reflected in compensation for traffic accidents with injuries, you are going to calculate the compensation due for injuries suffered and thus get the maximum compensation.